Low on Bone? Limited Hygiene Access? No Problem! Introducing the Implant Supported Overdenture

Patients missing most or all their upper or lower teeth have long since relied on traditional dentures to remain both functional and aesthetically normal.  Dentures, however, are not without limitations and drawbacks, including bone loss, instability, difficulty eating, and difficulty speaking.

Thankfully, dental science has developed multiple techniques as alternatives to traditional dentures that allow for increased stability, a more natural look, and reduce the resorption of bone, including the implant supported overdenture procedure.1,2  According to the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation, implant supported overdentures are typically selected as the treatment option of choice when the patient’s demands cannot be met by other means such as the aforementioned traditional denture or a fixed implant prosthesis such as a full-arch restoration.1 Some other considerations include soft tissue or bony deficits that may limit implant placement or access to proper routine oral hygiene care that may limit the longevity of the fixed prosthesis.1

With these limitations considered and a failure with traditional dentures, the overdenture procedure is a great treatment option since they can be removed and cleaned readily to counteract the lack of access to oral hygiene treatments.  Furthermore, in situations where bone loss has occurred and there is a lack of quality bone in which to place dental implants with a high degree of stability, a removable implant supported overdenture can be performed with anywhere from 2-4 dental implants, providing both stability and satisfaction for the patient.2

In situations where patients have a soft tissue or bony deficit or do not have adequate access to regular dental hygiene maintenance, the implant supported overdeture can be a great option for replacing missing teeth!

Finally, there is always the question of cost when it comes to specialty dental procedures such as dental implants.  Because an implant supported overdenture procedure can sometimes be done with a preexisting denture incorporated, patients can use teeth they have had for years eliminating the fabrication costs associated with a fixed prosthesis while feeling more confident in their new, more stable smile.

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