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Dental Implants Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of dental implants, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to dental implants are discussed.

Dental Implants Presentation

Understanding Dental Implants: A Premier Dental Implant Specialist in Northwest Indiana Explains

A natural tooth consists of a root and a crown. Comparing natural teeth with implant-supported replacements, both feature the essential parts: a crown for chewing and a root for secure anchoring under the gum into the jaw. The critical difference is the implant’s composition – titanium, a material surgeons trust for artificial joints. Losing a tooth means losing both parts. To address this, our Northwest Indiana oral surgeon, Dr. Jay Platt, specializes in replacing the root with a precision-placed dental implant.

The Journey to Restoring Your Smile: Dental Implant Placement and Beyond

Allowing time for the bone to integrate with the titanium implant creates a robust foundation for artificial teeth. Subsequently, a support post (abutment) and a new replacement tooth (crown) are added. In some cases, immediate temporary replacements are possible. For those missing all their teeth, Dr. Platt offers a range of solutions for dental implants in Northwest Indiana, ensuring improved health, wellness, and functionality of your smile.


Happy senior man showcasing a healthy smile after successful dental implant treatment by a specialist in Northwest Indiana.

Rediscover Your Joyful Smile with Leading Dental Implant Solutions at Jay Platt, DDS

“Don’t be afraid to Smile.”

For years I’d felt like a part of my body was missing — because my teeth were. My dentist told me that dental implants would make me feel and look a lot better. OK, I said. Now, I’m thrilled. I can smile, eat anything, and enjoy a good laugh with my friends.


Surgical Advances by Your Northwest Indiana Dental Implant Specialist

Leveraging the latest in dental implant technology, Dr. Platt offers single-stage implants that streamline the process, eliminating the need for multiple surgeries and minimizing healing time. In certain cases, implants can be placed simultaneously with tooth extraction, further reducing the number of procedures required.

As a team effort, dental implant placement involves Dr. Platt’s surgical expertise along with a restorative dentist’s skill in fitting the permanent prosthesis and any temporary solutions needed during the process. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless experience for patients considering dental implants over dentures for replacing missing teeth, highlighting the benefits and functionality dental implants offer.

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