Expose and Bracket Procedures: Getting Your Smile Back In Line

When we think of impacted teeth, often the first thought is wisdom teeth.  However, any tooth can become impacted in the right circumstance.1  An impacted tooth is nothing more than one that does not properly erupt into the mouth, and ultimately can cause all sorts of oral health issues including damage to adjacent teeth, infection, pain, and more!1  Luckily, oral surgeons like Dr. Platt have, at their disposal, a solution to correcting tooth impaction aside from simply removing the tooth in the case of wisdom teeth.  This process is known as expose and bracket or expose and bond.

While this process can be done in isolation to correct a tooth impaction, often it is coupled with orthodontic treatment in a multidisciplinary approach and cooperation between dental professionals to provide optimal results for the patient.  If a tooth is impacted during orthodontic treatment and does not come through the gumline in a predetermined amount of time, the orthodontist will refer the patient to an oral surgeon, like Dr. Platt, to help correct the issue.  During this procedure, the tooth in question is “exposed” through an incision in the gum tissue, and a “bracket” connected to a chain is attached to the tooth.1  Once this is complete, the orthodontist can use special appliances to slowly, and strategically, move the tooth through the gum line and into position.1  The result is a straight smile to be proud of! 

You can learn more about expose and bracket procedures in this video from The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons:  https://youtu.be/BO4yRuVvr8Y

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