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Oral Cancer-When it’s More Than Just a Sore

Sores in the mouth, pain with chewing, bleeding gums, and sore throats can seem commonplace.  Between ulcers, fever blisters, oral infections, general illnesses, and the all-too-common periodontal disease, it can be difficult to determine when a sore or a symptom is more than just your run of the mill oral health issue.  But, with oral […]

Are You At Risk For Oropharyngeal Cancer?

Early diagnosis can be a key component to giving you a fighting chance against the various types of head and neck cancer. There are many physical symptoms to look for when recognizing the signs of oral cancer aside from more commonly known warning signs such as a lump in the throat, mouth sores, and swelling […]

Oral Cancer and Hepatitis C

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) recently found that individuals infected with the hepatitis C virus are two to five times more likely to develop head and neck cancers. The JNCI study found that the risk for hepatitis C patients of developing head and neck cancers more than doubled for oral cavity and […]