Open Flap Debridement Procedure

What is Open Flap Debridement?

During an open flap debridement procedure, the periodontist will make a small incision in the gum tissue to gain access to the root of the affected tooth. This flap of gum tissue is then carefully lifted to expose the underlying bone and root surface. The periodontist will then thoroughly clean the root surface of the tooth, removing any plaque, calculus, and infected tissue. This process is known as debridement.

Once the debridement process is complete, the periodontist will place the gum tissue back over the bone and tooth root and use small stitches to secure the flap in place. The gum tissue will then heal and reattach to the bone, creating a tight seal around the tooth.

Why perform an Open Flap Debridement Procedure?

Open flap debridement is a highly effective treatment for advanced periodontal disease. It is typically recommended for patients who have deep pockets around their teeth, where bacteria and plaque can accumulate Open flap debridement for periodontal disease and gum recessionand cause further damage to the tooth and surrounding tissues. The procedure not only removes the source of the infection but also allows the periodontist to thoroughly clean the root surface, promoting healing and preventing future infections.

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