Gum Grafting: A Rejuvenation For Your Smile

Winters in the Midwest usually mean bundling up to stay warm.  A sweater, a winter coat, anything to keep us covered up and away from the cold winter winds.  But, did you know there is one part of your body you should worry about keeping covered up all year round?  That’s right, you guessed it!  Your teeth roots of course!

Over time, your gum line can gradually recede, or pull away from your teeth, exposing more and more of the tooth root.1  In fact, this problem is not all that rare, affecting between 4% and 12% of adults.1  Since it is a gradual, chronic condition, most people don’t even notice until more severe recession is present!1  When gum recession gets to this level, damage to teeth and even tooth loss can occur, not to mention the unsightly appearance, temperature sensitivity, and overall discomfort!1

Luckily, Dr. Upasna Janu is an expert at providing gum grafting procedures to patients with gum recession issues to cover up those tooth roots, reducing discomfort and irritation, supporting the teeth and getting your smile back to looking like new!  There are multiple types of gum grafting techniques commonly used in periodontology, but the three most common are connective-tissue grafts, free-gingival grafts, and pedicle grafts!1

 Connective-tissue grafts are the most common method utilized for exposure of tooth roots, and are performed by simply using connective tissue from the roof of your mouth as new issue to cover your roots..1  This tissue is then secured to the gum tissue covering the exposed area and eventually healing like new!1  Similarly, free gingival grafts utilize tissue from the roof of the mouth.1   1  For people with a very thin gum tissue to start, this method can be a better option as it allows for building up of the gums with additional tissue than connective-tissue grafts.1

Smiling person lifting upper right lip to show healthy pink gums

Gum grafting procedures with Dr. Upasna Janu can help keep your teeth and your smile healthy and beautiful!

In contrast to the first two options, pedicle grafts utilize tissue from the gums around the tooth root in need of covering.  The gum is pulled over the exposed root and secured into place.1  More gum tissue is needed to start this procedure, especially when compared to free gingival grafts.1

If you feel your teeth roots have become exposed or if you have been told you are in need of a gum graft procedure, call our office to schedule with Dr. Janu at 219-864-1133 today!

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